Rescuing our dog Nuts from “street gangs territory” in Guatemala

Throughout Nut’s 16 years of life, we lived in 5 countries, we left everything behind so many times, our homes, our friends, schools, affections, and the only concern for our kids at those times of stress was that Nuts would arrive safely to our next destination.  He was a soldier, he knew when he got into his cage what was comming.  His mission was to survive,  our mission became to keep him next to us… and we did.

My first Malaria & visiting my project… 1995

After a couple of months, life started to take shape at our new house in Cotonou, and as we finished all the renovation, I was getting restless to find something to do.  An opportunity came at the same organisation where my husband was working, it was a temporary coordinator position for a food security project….